Monday, December 31, 2012

Snow Armageddon 2012

 Like a lot of people we ended up without electricity over the holidays. Our power went out on Christmas due to the ice storm. It was finally turned back on the night of December 29th. I sent my kids (and husband) to my inlaws' house farther north so they would get a chance to play in the snow. Well they didn't get much snow there, but Little Rock sure did!

Several inches of snow..and ice, and trees falling down in the yard, and cold cold nights without power. I was outside when the transformers started blowing. What a spectacular light show!

green flares in the dark
 The trees cracked like gunfire all night long and one fell on the corner of my house. Our cat was not too happy about that. My 12 year old was begging to come home and did not understand just how cold it was in the house, and just how very icy the roads were!

We have two hermit crabs and they lived in my pocket with a hand warmer nestled beneath it until I could get them some heat.

Sad cold dogs
After a few days I was able to go to my mom's house. She lives in the country, but her power only went out for a short time.

Happy dog heading for the heat!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


I have let this blog lapse lately. First one of my children was diagnosed with food allergies and I stopped reviewing a lot of restaurants for various publications. Then I went back to school and my days were filled with schoolwork, lots of schoolwork!

More will be coming soon though, I promise!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Restaurant Month

August is Little Rock Restaurant Month!
Click here for specials from participating restaurants. These are available from Aug. 8-15, check back next week for more.

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